Offline and online Library in Gurgaon and Delhi

How It Works…

BookPal is a new generation community library chain that provides a unique reading experience. provides you with access to a network of neighborhood libraries. Whether it is the convenience of ordering your book online or the pleasure of leafing through books in the library, BookPal offers you the right membership plans. We offer multiple membership plans to meet your reading needs. Plans are based on the number of books you can hold at a given time. All plans are unlimited rentals which depend on how fast you read and return your book/magazine.


Walk into your nearest BookPal Library or search for your favorite books right here. BookPal provides you with access to a network for 60 neighborhood libraries, spread across 11 cities in India. What’s more, you also have access to a combined collection of over 800,000 books that you can choose from. For your reading pleasure we also provide an added option to request a book not in our catalog.

Collect books from a BookPal Library or queue them up for free home-delivery (Annual Plans) from the website. No due dates or late fees for book rentals! Gives you ample time to read through your favorite reads, without having to worry about paying extra. Using the Rental Queue tool on this website, you can queue your favourite books for quick pick-up/delivery.

After you are finished reading, you can return the book at any of the BookPal library closest to you and pick-up the next set of books. It’s that simple! Door Delivery option allows members to request a pick-up right from their doorstep, at no extra cost (for annual plans only). Pick-up requests can be placed from the website or via phone.