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Hachette Children's Yearbook And Infopedia 2014

by Hachette Children's Book.
Publisher: Hachette India - Hachette India ISBN: 9789350097786.
Book Summary: It's a fact-finder it's an almanac it's a G.K. book it's a notable notes diary. . . Yes. It's indispensable for every student who wants to know what in the world is going on. The Hachette Children's Yearbook and Infopedia 2014 is a ready reference book packed with essential information. It's the perfect tool for homework and projects for every student. And that's not all! There's a special section including a 2014 calendar and fun 'month' calendars and pages that readers can use to keep track of their school work as well as their performance. The book covers a range of topics: * News: India & World News Round-up * Newsmakers * Earth: The Structure of the Earth * The Continents * Seasons * Making Sense of Climate Change * Geographical Records * Countries Fact Files: Location * Capital * Area * Main Religion * Currency * Literacy Rate * Life Expectancy * Time Zone * Important International Organizations to Remember * Head of State/Head of Government * GDP per Capita * Population * ISD Code * Internet TLD. Plus! Fun Facts * Types of Governments * Wonders of the World * States and Union Territories of India Fact Files: Capital * Location * No. of Districts * Area * Population * Main Languages * Literacy Rate * Governor/Chief Minister * Physical Characteristics * Festivals * Tourist Attractions * History * Industries * Agriculture * State Animal * Sports: Basics of Popular Sports (Cricket Hockey Tennis Formula 1) * Sports Highlights * FIFA 2014 Preview * Literature: Major Genres of the Novel Poetry and Classical Drama * From Books to the Screen * Facts You Didn't Know About Languages! * Movies: 100 Must-Watch Movies * Awards and Winners: Most Important Achievers of the Year * The Most Prestigious Awards Both Nationally and Across the World * Republic Day Awards Commonwealth Awards Grammy Awards Oscars National Film Awards Filmfare Awards Pulitzer Prize and many more... * History: Timeline of World History * Timeline of Indian History Including Major Political Events * Science & Technology: Branches of Science * Basic Physics * Basic Chemistry * Basic Biology * Internet Timeline * Conversion Tables * Robotics Round-Up * The New Digital Age * Divisions of Science * Space: * Our Universe * Our Solar System * Planets Fact File * Missions To Mars * Life on a Space Station * PLUS! 100 Years of World War I * India's General Elections 2014 * All-New Quizzes]>

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